1 Sikat Down

I am not an avid fan of Rudy Fernandez but I am so affected by his demise. I cry everytime I read articles about his life and death. Grieving wife Lorna Tolentino is the prettiest grieving wife I’ve ever seen. Rudy and Lorna are blessed with two handsome boys, Rap and Renz. The two are actually artista material, I hope one of them becomes an actor like their parents or half-brother Mark Anthony. Mark Anthony’s sex appeal never fades since his Gwaping days with friends Jomari Yllana and Eric Fructuoso. He got the best features of Rudy and Alma Moreno.

It’s saddening to see Lorna minus Rudy on the coming days. Hindi na kumpleto ang pares. Lorna has the same fate as FPJ’s widow, Ms. Susan Roces: hindi na kumpleto ang pares ng mawala si Da King. Rudy and Lorna’s chemistry as a couple is great, both on-screen and off-screen. Seryoso si Lorna, palabiro si Rudy. Bagay di ba? The couple won so many battles and they survived. Kamatayan nga lang ang nakapaghiwalay sa kanila.

Maybe what affects me most is the image that Rudy left in my mind: a loving father and a good husband to Lorna. As I said, the couple won so many battles but they survived. I am not saying that he was a perfect husband; he was very human and that made him appear realistic to me: walang kaplastikan. The couple managed to keep their private life as private as possible.

Sayang ang kagwapuhan ni Rudy, he’s the most goodlooking among the Apat na Sikat. (Philip Salvador, Rudy Fernandez, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada). I hope they groom Mark Anthony to be the next Rudy Fernandez.





2 thoughts on “1 Sikat Down

  1. Yeah Rudy.. isa sya sa pinakagwapong artista sa atin pero I heard before na meron silang naging relasyon ni Donita Rose..well..its just a gossip..’twas not proven.. hehe..lam mo..binabasa ko tong mga blogs mo lalo na sa relationship mo.. masyado akong naaantig..haha.. kase I was like you then.. nagmahal sa isang babae na di naman naging worthy.. bakit nga ba very rare ang mga katulad mo.. haha.. I really admire you..


    • I thought si Ruffa Mae at hindi si Donita. Hehehe…..
      Umiyak daw yun (RMQ) sa Heritage eh. Showbiz na showbiz ba ko?Hehehehehhee…

      Really? I’m a rarity? I thought ikaw din. Bibihira ang species na gaya natin! =)


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