The One

Now, it can be told. The reason why PV dumped me was not because
of his obligation to his family but because he fell out of love
with me. I am not sure how he managed to keep the third party
in our relationship a secret; he was a con-artist.

I had some clues before that there could be another woman but
I just ignored the signs. When you love someone, you give your
100% of trust.

I am not angry at the other woman. More often than not, the reason
why a couple breaks is because one of them cease loving and
fighting for the relationship. PV stopped loving me; he found
someone else and replaced me with her.

God is so good, He let me lose PV to gain Miel. He gave me the signs
that Miel is the One. Thank you, PV, for hurting me in the most
unimaginable way. Now, I can appreciate happiness with Miel because
of the pains that I went through with you.