The Search Is Over

In 2000, I prayed to God to give me The One who would stay with me for the rest of my life. I asked for a sign and I told Him that whoever that man would be, I promise to love and accept him because it’s God who sent him to me.

I met a handsome prince who later turned into a handsome frog. I loved him so much and I prayed so hard for him. But God did not listen to my prayers. The handsome frog left me with his beautiful frog.

A year and a half later, I chanced upon a handsome commoner. The princess thought that just like the playful princes that she met, he was just another player. But the handsome commoner bravely fought for his love. I, the princess, was stupefied!

The handsome commoner tried his best to prove to me that he’s The One that I’ve long been looking for. He’s God-fearing; a trait that I’ve been searching for in a partner. I want to have a partner who will bring me close to God. Little by little, it became clear to me that he’s The One that I’ve been praying for.

But I was doubtful. I asked God to give me a sign if the handsome commoner is The One. God sent me his response through a dream. It was a prophetic dream. I was doubtful once more. I asked God to give me more signs. The next day, the handsome commoner gave me the sign that I saw in the dream. It was final, the handsome commoner is The One!

The search is over for The One.