Happy Two Months, Miel!

Dear Miel,

Meeting a person like you is a blessing. You taught me how to live my life in accordance with the law of God. You taught me how to be simple, more appreciative of life and more loving. I thought that in all those years that I was in the dark, I lost track of my spirituality.

It is true that I never liked you at the start. I thought that our differences in beliefs, social standing, age and religion would be a big hassle for our budding friendship. I thought that we were not serious with each other. I thought that our attraction was just physical.

I told you that I usually have a week-long relationship after my traumatic failed relationship with PV. Who would ever think that we would go this far? Eight weeks or two months is a record! I didn’t feel like I’ve been with you for two months now. I enjoy every moment with you. I dream of having a future with you. I must admit that I am falling for you each day.

You love me very much and I treasure it. I treasure you. I love you. Happy two months, honey!

Your forever,



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