My First Time Inside

Note: This is a soon-to-be-convert’s personal experience on the joys, hardships and challenges of leaving her old faith for her new faith. This is my journey, I’m not here for a religious debate.

I was a Catholic all my life. I was an obedient Catholic until first year college. I wouldn’t classify myself as a devoted one though. Yes, I believed in the One-God-Three Persons teaching, I was a Marian devotee, our family celebrated fiesta, I attended processions, I commemorated the Holy Week, I celebrated All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day and Christmas and last but not the least, I loved puto’t dinuguan!

Miel made me aware that his religion’s view regarding these matters are the exact opposite from my religion. He made me aware about all of these things before he asked me to observe.

It was June 23 when I first saw the interior of the Iglesia Ni Cristo church. I was trembling at the start; afraid and at the same time excited. I was afraid of offending the Catholics because there I was, in the area of the group with their religious faith that was different from ours. I was also excited because that was my first time to get inside the Iglesia. I saw how devoted Miel was for his panata.

I wouldn’t go beyond the details of how the INC church looks inside. I am not sure if the kapatiran is open to that.


3 thoughts on “My First Time Inside

    • Yup! Mahirap nga ang process bago ka maging INC. May indoctrination at meron ding pagsubok sa yo na 6 months. Kung di ka makapasa, good-bye INC ka! So, di naman ako pinilit ng then bf ko (husband ko na ngayon) na mag-INC. I could have screwed everything kung talagang ayaw ko debah. So far, okay naman ako dito sa aking piniling relihiyon. 😉


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