My First Time To Cook For Him

I was still at the middle of a meeting at 6PM yesterday when Miel informed me through a text message that he was at the market to buy something to cook for dinner. Going to the wet market is one of the things that I hate doing. Of course, if it’s a supermarket, I wouldn’t mind but the nearest supermarket is not that near. (I wonder if I could still shop at the supermarket after the wedding when our priority is to save as much for our future baby. If you’re keen on the budget, the wet market is still the best place to buy fresh yet less costly foods.)

When I arrived at my apartment, I fixed my bed. When I’m in a hurry, I usually leave my bed the way I slept on it. Miel arrived after a few minutes. He asked if I know how to cook sinigang. I said that I have an idea. Truth is, I was trying to have a recollection of how my mother cooks it. Miel took charge of cooking the rice; it’s something that I have yet to learn. We cook rice on the stove since a rice cooker is not practical to use considering that we’re only cooking a little rice just enough for the two of us. Besides, the cost of electricity is horrible!

To cut the story short, Miel appreciated the sinigang na hipon that I cooked for him. It was one of the best meals I ever had. We even had some seaweeds as side dish. We both love sea foods and it’s something that he has yet to know about me.