Financial Status

I am financially stable. I can still save a little from my monthly salary. I can pay for my life insurance and indulge in some little girlie luxuries. My family turns to me in times of financial crisis. My daughter goes to a good private school. I can provide her most of her material whims if I can afford it.

My fiance’ is financially stable by his standards. He doesn’t pay for some health or life insurance. His family turns to him in times of financial crisis. He doesn’t have anyone to support financially. He buys things that he likes.

When we started dating, money was out of the issue. Now that we’re planning for our big day, I think that we both need to assess our financial standing.

He gave me his ATM for me to do the budgeting. I don’t think it’s too early to do that since I’ll be doing this role next year. I’m having a little hard time though. I realize that he has a penchant for good food while I indulge in beauty luxuries.