A Few Will Cry On My Funeral

Marky Cielo’s untimely demise definitely affected a lot of people; fan or not. Aside from being the first minority to reach star status in local showbiz, the boy was also good-natured. He had this charismatic aura that easily attracted people.

His star shone brighter in death. Proof of this is the long queue of mourning fans, friends, colleagues, former classmates, relatives and family. If we could only collect all the tears shed because of his death, it could have been a bucket full of tears in a day.

There are several speculations about the rootcause of his death. Was there foulplay? Was it suicide? Was it acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis? All I know is that his time on this life has ended to start a life beyond this life.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I would receive the same amount of mourning when my day on this life would end. How many people will cry on my funeral? One, two, ten? It makes me think that I want people to remember me as someone who touched their life in a positive way. I want to die leaving a good impression by having been a good citizen, friend, wife, mother, sister and employee. Maybe a few will cry on my funeral but I will leave a lot of people whose lives I touched.