Amazing Clean and Clear!

I normally get break outs before my period comes but it’s just a zit or two. I notice that since I started doing the following, my forehead never runs out of zit! Eeewwww!

1. when I started using Beautyclinic moisturizer with AHA

2. when I started using Maybelline powder foundation

3. when Facial Treats (a beauty salon) changed their facialist–the new ones are so-so

Anyways, I didn’t mention Beautyclinic, Maybelline and Facial Treats just to bash them. If I can praise a product or a service establishment, then why can’t I comment on products or service establishments that caused me harm than good?

Let me start with Beautyclinic. Actually, I didn’t buy the product. My mother gave me one of the two bottles that was given to her by her friend. The product has a strong acidic smell. It must be the AHA or alpha hydroxy acid. The red compound found on the white cream could be the AHA. When applied on skin, a slight burning sensation can be felt. This product worked wonders for a month until I noticed that small pimples started to appear on my forehead. I stopped using the product after that.

As for the Maybelline powder foundation,my fiance’ gave it to me since he knows my fascination with make up and beauty products. I am also thinking that the small pimples on my forehead could be due to clogged pores. But if I was using Beautyclinic at that time, it’s impossible for me to have clogged pores since AHA is a declogger!

Theory 3, the facialist at Facial Treats. Facial Treats is an affordable facial salon in Bulacan. When it comes to service and facilities, I can say that it can reach the status of Let’s Face It when properly managed. (Let’s Face It is the facial salon of the mass here in the Philippines. If you’re moneyed, you have Belo or Cosmetiderm to choose from for a facial fee of US$55.00+) Since October 2008, the new set of facialists have been getting on my nerves for being unprofessional and lax. Facial salon ought to be a cozy place where you can relax. But in Facial Treats, facialists waiting for customer just gossip with each other and laugh so loud. It’s distracting! Worse, the facialist assigned to me was in a hurry to finish.

Now comes Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash and Speed Gel! I’ve been suffering from flawed complexion for three months now. What I did was, I stopped doing the three things that I mentioned and relied on the magic of Johnson and Johnson.

Amazingly, it’s just my 3rd day of using the product and yet the pimples are GONE! My skin is back to normal. I wonder what’s in it that works like magic?

Thanks to Johnson and Johnson!


3 thoughts on “Amazing Clean and Clear!

  1. hmm most probably your breaking out was worsened by the facial treatment you’ve undergone

    I’ve read once that model-host Bianca Gonzales herself had breakouts after she had facial which she regrets.

    Many say that once you had facial, you should have it regularly done. Like Pringles’ catchphrase, “Once you pop, you can’t stop’ šŸ™‚


  2. Hi Oxygen!

    I have a regular facial at least once a month.

    It must be the facialist who was responsible for my break-outs. She was not able to have a thorough cleaning of my face.


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