Waste Segregation in Balanga City

The waste segregation program in Balanga City under the leadership of Mayor Joet Garcia is admirable. There are garbage collectors that roam around the city twice a day to collect biodegrable and non-biodegradable wastes. Residents are mandated to do waste segregation, otherwise, the garbage collector won’t collect it.

What is good in this waste segregation program is that, biodegradable wastes are made into compost while non-biodegradable wastes go down to the junk shops. It generates extra income for the residents while maintaining a clean and garbage-free environment.

Mayor Joet Garcia maybe a neophyte in politics but his one year of public service record is impressive. I believe that he is even better than his brother, ex-Mayor and now Congressman Albert Garcia. On the other hand, the then Mayor Albert or Mayor Abet as we fondly call him, was responsible in giving Balanga a make-over.

Keep up the good work, Mayor Joet! Continue to make Balanga City a clean and garbage-free city!