So Help Us, God…

Massive job layoffs.
Cost-cutting on companies.
4-days a week work schedule.
Freeze hiring.
What’s next?

I wonder if the global economic crisis is the beast that is mentioned in the bible. I hope not. I hope that this is just temporary. Who will think that a great country like the USA will go bankrupt? In the Philippines, we’re used to living a hard life that’s why Filipinos go abroad to give their family a better future. What will now happen to the families of the Overseas Filipino Workers who were laid off in Korea and Taiwan. There is also a threat of massive job layoff in the construction industry in Dubai that will affect not just the blue collar workers but the Filipino engineers and architects as well.

What is happening seems like a nightmare to me. It was so unforeseen on the early quarter of 2008. But what is good in a bad time like this is people cling to each other for moral and emotional support. People tend to be more empathetic with each other as compared before when competition was very obvious. There is competition but there is also empathy which is good.

What will happen next? Will education and health care be a luxury rather than a necessity? It’s a grim scenario, isn’t it? It’s like people will go back to the age when hunting for food is their way of life.

If there is one Supreme Being whom we can depend on in this depressing time, it’s God. (Atheists and agnostics, I don’t care what you believe in and your opinion is not counted with regard to this subject.)

Maybe we have become so absorbed in this world’s materialism that we forgot about God. Maybe what is happening is one way of getting back to God or renewing one’s faith in God.