I’ll Get Used To It

Wednesday morning, I had a meeting. I wrote my name on the attendance sheet. When I passed it to the next person sitting, she exclaimed, “Something’s wrong here! You still use your maiden name!”

I realized that I was still using my maiden name to company meetings. I’ve been Iris Dela Cruz for 31 years of my life and now, I have to get used to using Iris Crystal. A new name, a new identity. Perhaps, not even my close relatives would easily identify me if I send them a card using my married name. For a man who change his civil status, nothing will change; the identity is still there. But for a woman, it’s different. Perhaps it’s the same reason why Gloria Arroyo is using Macapagal-Arroyo. Then Loren Legarda instead of Loren Leviste.

Give me six months and I’ll get used to my new name. 😉

2 thoughts on “I’ll Get Used To It

  1. Hi I’ve found you!! Wow so much to catch up on!! I better get started 🙂

    btw, I remember changing my name when I got married & I had to get used to it too.. I even sat for hours perfecting my new signature hahhaa


    • Since I got married, I became totally a different individual. Just so my officemates would recognize me, I am still including my maiden name on my signature.


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