Adora Alegre Dela Cruz-1953-2009

Adora Alegre Dela Cruz or “Do” to her close friends joined our Creator last May 2, 2009 at 9:19 AM. She peacefully passed away in the company of her children, granddaughter, sister-in-law and husband in Bataan Doctors Hospital.

It was in late November 2008 when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Osteo Arthritis. She suffered from severe back pain that was thought to be coming from a kidney complication. It was in April 28, 2009 when Dr. Ilaya detected a cyst on her right breast. Dr. Ilaya suspected that it was cancerous; at what stage, he still could not tell.

The last seven days of my mother was memorable to me. I could never forget her loving glances at me as if she was bidding me good-bye. I could never forget the controlled emotions, the bravery and her fight with the big C. I was so dumb to realize that she was deteriorating and not recovering. Maybe, I was blinded by my desire for an extended life.

My mother and I particularly got very close for the past two years. When her “diabetes” worsened in February, I lost a lot of weight because I was very much worried for her.

It would take a lifetime to forget a mother like Adora. Her legacy will continue to live. Mama, wherever you are, I love you very much…..