A Time To Hate

There’s always a time for everything, as Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 says. After a series of bad events happened in my life since the start of 2009, I couldn’t help but trigger the hate feelings in me.

I realize that no matter how much you wanted to be a good person, there will always be people or events that will provoke you to get mad. My emotions had been in perfect equilibrium before these events.

My late mother, always the underdog, never fought back at people who betrayed her and used her. I always say that I could never be like my mother; she was born generous and I was born a bitch! But she influenced me in such a way that I forgot being a bitch. I forgot until these people and events triggered the monster in me.

People who use other people and people who endanger other people do not DESERVE my understanding.

People who speaks ill against other people for personal gain do not DESERVE my mercy.

It’s my time to hate. These people have bad genes, no matter how much you try to educate them about the gospel, they wouldn’t listen or even try to listen. I’m sorry, Mama, I can’t be just like you.