Yellow Ribbon for Cory

It seems like ex-President Corazon Aquino’s health
is continuously deteriorating. According to her
nephew, Rafael Lopa, the cancer cell has spread
and affected some of her organs like the liver.
Cory is now undergoing pain management that is
why she’s sleeping most of the time.

My heart goes out to Cory’s children. It’s
hard to see a loved one slowly suffering, much more,
a mother. My mother died of breast cancer
two months ago. Until now, I haven’t totally
moved on. Hearing Cory’s pain management
brought me back to the times when my own
mother was suffering from cancer pains.

The yellow ribbons for Cory must have brought
more emotional and spiritual strength to the Aquino and Cojuangco family.
And oh, even Imelda Marcos prayed for her during her
recent birthday celebration!

Truly, sickness is not exclusive to people
with unhealthy lifestyle. Those with
vices die old and those without, die early.
Only a miracle would take her cancer away.
If I would have one single prayer for her,
I would want her to leave this world peacefully.
Maybe it isn’t too late to resolve old issues
like forgiving those who killed her husband Ninoy.