Desperate Housewife

You may find this kinda late but since my maternity leave
started last September 8, I’m hooked in watching Desperate Housewives.
Oh yeah, the transition from being a Sex and the City fanatic to being
a Desperate Housewives fanatic. Does it have something to do with my
change of civil status? Perhaps! But since I’m watching it on DVD and I
started on the 3rd Season episodes, I’m not sure if the housewives had
budgeting problems like me.

I used to argue with my late mother on budgeting. It was not budgeting per se
but it was the way she used to mention how tough a job budgeting is.And since I was
living alone with lots of comfort on my apartment which is a two-hour drive from
my parents’ home, I didn’t know that budgeting for a large family is really a tough job!

When I got married and my husband moved in with me, he nearly freaked me out for
touching on stuff that were supposed to be out in my perceived time.Then came his
sister a month after we got married. Budgeting was becoming more challenging!
When my daughter from my first love joined us after my mother passed away, I don’t know
if my pregnancy had something to do with my mood swings whenever I see the cupboard
empty ahead of my scheduled grocery day. It was not only the groceries that I was concerned
about. It was the electricity bill and water bill that shoot up! When the baby and the helper
came, grocery cost increased by 40%, electricity by 120% and water by 100%. Oh, don’t count the
baby; I didn’t include him in the computation.

My husband noticed how irritated I was yesterday. He knew it was the budgeting issue.
“Why can’t some people be just as disciplined as me? And for everyone’s info, when
I used to live with my relatives, I never touched their stuffs!”

Yes, it’s not just the money issues that I’m irritated about; it is also the consumption issue.
When I was living alone, everything was scheduled and budgeted. Electricity and water cost
were lower because I knew how to conserve. It is easier to impart that to my sister-in-law
and daughter because they are family. I have a big job to educate my helper on CONSERVATION.

Back to Desperate Housewives, in running a family with extension (sister-in-law) and a helper,
maybe I could associate myself with Lynette Scavo. I admire the way she handles her family.
She’s tough yet cool about her children especially when the twins are already on their
teens. She knows her insecurities and is not afraid to tell others about it. (The episode
when she told the successful Bree Hodge that she’s jealous of her career)

Susan Mayers and Gabrielle Solis are my most favorite character. Susan resembles me
in the way that we’re both hopeless romantics. (But I’m not a drama queen like her!)
She’s the most natural character aside from Lynette’s. Susan’s imperfections like
her carelessness make her more adorable. Ordinary housewives would say that yeah,
life is fair; because a beauty like Susan could be so vulnerable and careless, too!
I love Gabrielle Solis because she reminds me of my youth; the time when I thought
it was easy to change boyfriends because a better one would surely come my way.(It didn’t
happen, though. I only had three boyfriends before I got married, the last one became my
husband) Gabrielle’s character is just as fiery as mine. I love her sense of humor and style, too.
I love Season 5 because it showed the down to earth side of Gabriel Solis when she and Carlos
nearly hit bankcrupcy.

Bree Hodge, though the most charming character is the most superficial, too. Her being so
reserved and acting with much finesse is just too unnatural for me. Oh, maybe it’s the reason
why her children turn out to be that way?

Edie Britt reminds me of Samantha in “Sex and the City.” Both are blonde, pretty and
free-spirited. Between the two, I prefer Edie’s character and her reputation as the
neighborhood “slut.” I don’t remember Samantha being condemned by her friends; in fact
she is well-loved by her friends! What I like in Edie’s character is this: it’s natural
for women to feel threatened to the presence of a hot woman in the neighborhood. Edie’s character
wants to tell us that not all pretty and sought-after women are happy. (Season 3 shows a vulnerable
Edie pleading for love and commitment to Carlos)


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  1. Wow it sounds like you have a full house now!!
    Isn’t it funny how things change unexpectedly in our lives?!!!

    Wishing you the best of luck!


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