Starstruck Final 5

Sarah Lahbati
Rocco Nacino
Enzo Pineda
Steven Silva
Diva Montelaba
………………….they are the final five.

Nina Kodaka was obviously very tensed before the announcement. Judging from the text votes and the council votes, she was the weakest contender among her peers. I believe that Nina can still make it on showbiz though. With her cute oriental looks, she can make it; she just have to polish her Tagalog.

I am torn between my original bet, Diva Montelaba and classy beauty Sarah Lahbati. Diva is the total performer, one that can easily be mold into a concert-performing artist. I don’t see her making it big on TV or the silver screen. She’s not a ham actress but I don’t see her being paired with any guy for a loveteam. She is simply not loveteam-material. A very emotional Diva was seen when she had a one-against-eight interview with the avengers. Princess Snell was rather bitchy than frank as an interviewer. Is she eyeing for a contravida assignment? Going back to Diva, the Cebuana beauty is not yet ready to go hard-core on showbiz, judging on how she got emotional from the bitchy questions of her former colleagues. Is she really a snob now? Is she trying to get close to those who will benefit her? Is she turning into a swell-head? These were the questions that made Diva emotional that night.

Sarah sings well and registers well on TV. She should avoid heavy make up because she is prettier with a lighter one. Her face is actually “malleable” depending on the kind of make up she uses. She can be sweet, daring, regal and girlish depending upon the make up application. It is obvious that the avengers are supporting Sarah: no controversial questions, no bitching, no bashing and she didn’t receive any black rose from the avengers that means that they (avengers) don’t want the survivor to be included on the final five.

Steven Silva got a black rose from Ian Batherson. From Ian’s point of view, their Tagalog-“defect” is something that is more of a liability than an asset when it comes to acting. Hmmmm…. but Sam Milby does not speak the language well, too and yet he’s doing it well in the other station.

Rocco Nacino is my bet among the male survivors. He can sing, dance and act well. He’s serious when it comes to joining showbiz and can handle controversial questions well. Is her conceited? Did he make face when he was paired with Rox Montealegre? Rocco answered them all, emotionally prepared.

The boy who was born with a silver spoon on his mouth wants to prove that he can make it on showbiz. Enzo Pineda’s coming from a buena familia has always been the major source of controversy in Starstruck: his family can buy votes for him. His family has good showbiz connections. Judging from his performances, he is a good dancer but not as good an actor as Rocco. Just like Rocco, he was emotionally-prepared when he faced his former peers for a one-against-eight interview.

Would it be Diva & Rocco and Sarah & Enzo for the finals? My guess is it would be a Sarah & Rocco. 😉