Anne Curtis is Not Bastusin

I saw the video and photo of Anne’s swimsuit malfunction during her dance number in ASAP last Sunday and I found nothing offensive or profane on it.

First, Anne is not new to wearing skimpy swimsuits. It is predictable that just like a time bomb, a swimsuit malfunction is waiting to happen. —- It happened.

Second, Anne was dancing when the accidental exposure happened. She didn’t mean to expose herself.

Third, in my HUMBLE opinion, Anne is simply not the bastusin-type. What happened was an accident and there was nothing profane on it. It was those malicious people who made a big deal out of it.

Some are saying that Anne did that on purpose. Her movie with ex-bf Sam Milby will be shown on April 3. I don’t think that Anne will allow herself to be the subject of lust and ridicule for publicity. šŸ™‚