I Feel Cesar Montano’s Grief

Cesar lost his eldest son by his first wife. The latter took his own life by firing a gun through his right temple. (Source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/03/25/10/cesar-montanos-son-commits-suicide)

I don’t personally know the Manhilot family. I have no idea on how Cesar is as a father. I have no idea about Angelo’s character. Is he passive? Is he secretive?

Judging from the showbiz reports, Cesar took care of his children from his first marriage. In my opinion, it’s very rare for somebody who projects a macho image on silver screen to take the custody of his young children and let the whole showbiz world that he has children. Cesar loves his children.

Angelo appeared timid most of the time. Cesar trusted him the management of their three restaurants. Cesar had confidence in his eldest son.

What was Angelo thinking the day he committed suicide? His relationship with his young step-mom Sunshine Cruz looked fair enough. He was reportedly fond of his three half-sisters by Sunshine and his half-brother by Teresa Loyzaga. His elder sister Angela looked like somebody who would protect him at all times. He appeared to have a healthy relationship with anyone inside his family circle. So why did he took his own life?

He reportedly had a fight with his girlfriend. Maybe the girl wanted to end the relationship. Maybe the girl did not expect that Angelo could commit such an act.

I feel for Cesar Montano. His son’s demise happened in the worst timing. Cesar is running for a gubernatorial seat in Bohol. How would that affect his candidacy? Will his political opponents use this incident to conclude that Cesar was not a good father to Angelo?

Cesar could be thinking of the 23 wonderful years that he spent with Angelo. He could be thinking of their hardest times when he was not yet known as Cesar Montano.

My condolences to the Manhilot family.
My condolences to Shine and Buboy.