Family Over Career

I have a good relationship with my boss. I respect him a lot for his wisdom and genuine concern for his subordinates. What makes me admire him more is his broadmindedness when it comes to allowing his subordinates to prioritize family issues over career.

I texted him last night to inform him that I would be reporting to work at 10AM the following day because I needed to bring my baby to the pediatrician. Not every boss could be as reachable as him. Thanks, boss!

The reason why I had to bring Adi again to his pedia was because I PANICKED a lot for him last night. The baby sitter was not patient enough to feed him or even give him water or electrolyte. In short, Adi was dehydrated. Adi’s eyes were sunken, his skin was pale and he was literally a vegetable when I arrived home. I didn’t know that tonsilitis could cause diarrhea. Cefalexin did not help much and Adi didn’t find the oral rehydration solution appealing.

This morning, I didn’t entertain much calls and texts from the office. I had to be there for Adi. He was cranky at the clinic and his rashes were all over his torso. When discomfort comes, it pours! How it breaks my heart to see my little angel suffering!

I have trust in Dr. Anna and the good Lord that Adi shall be okay within the day. Oh, by the way, I prayed so hard last night that Adi would have a sound sleep and he had one! God works in mysterious ways. I love you, God!