Maricel Soriano, The Diamond Star

Maricel Soriano’s transfer to ABC5 seems futile; the network seems to be a little slow in giving her the right projects. I’m not a Maricel Soriano big fan but when I watched her guesting in GMA 7’s “Pilyang Kerubin,” I’m convinced that she’s indeed the Diamond Star.

Her acting on that particular scene when she had to give up her elder daughter to a childless couple in exchange of some cash for her younger daughter’s hospitalization is just touching; you can feel her grieving. I wonder why ABS CBN let go of a talent like her. Maybe some of her shows did not rate well before? I think what Maricel needs is a sort of a comeback project with a good storyline and good supporting actors. I’m talking about a comeback project so don’t count her former projects in ABS CBN.

Maricel is one actress who’s good at both drama and comedy just like the late Nida Blanca. I’m not sure if she’s articulate and spontaneous to host a talk show.

Seeing her accepting a small yet intensified role in “Pilyang Kerubin” and supporting a newbie like Barbie Forteza may spark criticism because after all, she’s the Diamond Star. So you have to watch her guest appearance to see for yourself that Maricel delivers her role at her best, you’d think the show is Barbie and hers. 😉