Adi’s Mickey Party

Adi turned one last September 10. Miel and I made sure that his 1st birthday would be memorable. We organized a Mickey Mouse theme for his birthday party:

1. Adi’s Mickey Mouse ears (headband with large ears)
2. Adi’s Mickey shirt- printed at the mall
3. Mickey balloons
4. Mickey Park c/o Goldilocks
5. Mickey lootbag
6. Mickey candies

We had spaghetti and carbonara for pasta lovers and five different viands to choose from for rice lovers. We had eight gallons of ice cream and pink cotton candies; even passers-by could have one. I wanted an atmosphere of a disney park; or something close to a real park. I think we achieved that effect in Adi’s party. I was planning to borrow my landlady’s see-saw and swing to complete the effect but I realized that some of the kids were too young for that.

I didn’t expect some of the guests and it felt good to see people coming for Adi’s special day.

Happy birthday, Adi! Mommy loves you very much!