I Caught A Firefly Last Night

Living in the countryside gives me the opportunity to take advantage of nature. Husband and I went to check our workers at our chicharon kitchen which is located at a subdivision which is under development. Both of us were tired from work and we felt that we needed more time management between work and managing our small business. I complained that I always felt robbed of my quality time with the kids and he hinted that he was more pressured to make the business work than me. In the end, both of us were apologetic and agreed that starting up a business requires hard work and patience.

He went inside the kitchen while I waited outside. I was amazed at the number of fireflies flying in the field. I even caught one and thought to bring it home but I changed my mind and freed it.

I can’t imagine myself working in the busy streets of Makati or Ortigas. It’s not that I am not used to live in the big city but I’m fine living and working in the countryside.