Dolphy’s Last Film? Never!

In the article above, Dolphy forecasted that Father Jejemon could be his last film. The ace comedian is in his 80’s and making a movie could be so strenous for him. His deteriorating health is also eating much of his thoughts about permanent retirement; be it on the movies or be it eternal retirement. He expressed his concerns over his loved ones and of course that tops long-time partner Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Zsa Zsa and Dolphy’s relationship started with much intrigue because the latter was very much in a relationship with Alma Moreno to whom he has a son, Vandolph. Dolphy and Zsa Zsa’s career suffered from bad publicity and I even remember that Nescafe’ pulled out Zsa Zsa’s TV commercial because of the affair. The two decided to go the US for a much needed break from the intrigues and to start life together minus Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari and Alma Moreno.

Alma Moreno eventually moved on and married Joey Marquez while Mr. Tatlonghari raised a beautiful and talented daughter named Karylle. Zsa Zsa and Dolphy went back to the Philippines and from what I remember, “Gabi ni Dolphy” was Dolphy’s comeback show. Slowly, the public forgave the couple and before we knew it, Dolphy and Zsa Zsa’s career were resurrected.

My favorite Dolphy movies are the following:
1. Jack and Jill-it’s a Sampaguita movie and I happen to watch it on RPN9 in the early 90’s. Lolita Rodriguez (one of my favorites, too) played the role of a lesbian named Jack while Dolphy effectively played the role of a gay named Jill.
2. Ang Tatay Kong Nanay- I think it’s an RVQ production. It’s another gay role for Dolphy and this time, he’s paired with Niño Muhlach.
3. Home Along The Riles- (TV and movie) Dolphy has great chemistry with Nova Villa. Cita Astals was at her best element when the show was running. Claudine Barreto’s star was just starting to shine; the reason why she was pulled out of Home Along was for her to concentrate more on her budding showbiz career.
4. John and Marsha (TV and movie)- I actually like John and Marsha because of Dolphy and Dely Atay-Atayan. The clashing tandem of son-in-law versus mother-in-law is just hilarious!

Father Jejemon could be Dolphy’s last movie but most, if not all, of his movies are timeless; a nice watch after a long (and terrible) day.