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I live in a place where a landline is scarce (though the PLDT agent gave me some hope that maybe my application for a landline and an internet connection would be approved until February) so I use either Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo to connect to the net. Smart Bro used to be okay until 2009; I am not sure if it was the signal or the increasing number of Smart users that were blocking my connection off so in 2010, I switched to Globe Tattoo. So far so good; I hope Globe Tattoo won’t suck in the future.

My Globe Tattoo is prepaid and maybe I’ll switch to postpaid in case I become more net addicted. Lol! Yesterday afternoon, I tried their SUPERSURF50 which entitled me to 1-day unlimited surfing. I don’t download anything on the web so my unlimited surfing is maximized.

I read somewhere that it’s possible to hack Globe Tattoo to get a free internet access. Oh yes, consumers always like a good bargain, freebies and so on but hacking is another thing. Hacking for a free internet access is just like buying pirated DVD’s because you’re robbing off Globe of revenue from a prepaid load. If there would be 1,000 users who would hack Globe Tattoo, that would be 1,000 x the number of surfing hours x PhP 20 per hour that would be lessened from Globe’s prepaid income. And since we love to share what’s free, more and more users will use the (hack) code for a free internet access.

Domino effects of hacking Globe Tattoo (or Smart Bro/Sun Cellular)
1. Less taxes to be remitted to the government–>less income for the government—>less budget for telecommunications improvement project—> we’re behind again when it comes to new technologies.

2. Less income for Globe’s prepaid account—>less income for small e-loading stations—> kawawa naman maliliit na naglo-load lang!

3. Less income for Globe’s prepaid account–>less income for those selling prepaid cards–> less seller to sell prepaid cards—> Globe will downsize it’s prepaid card team—> Filipino din ang mawawalan ng trabaho. I don’t care if they’re just 50 or less people, my point is, a possible downsizing could happen.

4. Internet users will be more addicted to surfing. Not that it is bad if it will be used for a good cause like earning money online or researching but if it’s just to kill time, wag na lang!—->Because of the increased number of users, internet traffic will happen and people who are fairly buying a prepaid card or e-load will just be affected.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch!” Tayo lang ba ang may mentality ng libre-libre na yan?


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  1. – hahaha miLLion ang subscribers ng GLOBE na gumagamit nang kaniLang serbisyo and ang unLimited na sinasabi niLa ay my 800MB data usage Limit per DAY so kung gagamitin mo yung 800MB mo within 2hours Lng yung remaining 22hours mo dimona magagamit gets??? kaya dapat Lang sa kanila yan! kasinungaLingan ang promo niLa niLoLoko niLa tao dapat ang tawag sa promo niLa UNLI-er haha at yung sa internet dapat hindi no Limits dapat yun dapat register for 800MB data usage per day with P50 Load ganun dapat hindi yung manloLoko siLa ng TAO!!! hahaha


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