Alagaw Leaves


Ever tasted an alagaw leaf? Ever smelled one? If you are not familiar with alagaw, please refer to the link above.

There was a time in my young life that I hated this tree. Its leaves added up to the many dry leaves that I needed to sweep and burn. I hated the pungent scent, too. My hatred turned into love (hehehe) when I tasted my mother’s lutong page with alagaw as extender. Her lutong page is one that I miss about her. Not everybody can cook a page without the fishy smell.

Alagaw is a good mucolytic, too. It has been two weeks since I’m into drinking alagaw tea to loosen my phlegm. I haven’t tried drinking lagundi tea though.

I also make ensalada out of young alagaw leaves, tomato and onion. Try it with fried milkfish or even tinapa.


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