My Jobhunting Experience

Okay, so this article ( inspired me to share my jobhunting experiences.

When my then boyfriend moved to the city, I decided to search for a job so that we could be in the same area instead of maintaining a lonely long distance relationship. My skill set then was inclined to manufacturing and I found it hard to even get an interview invitation from the companies in the city. Nevertheless, there were some companies who invited me for an exam and interview.

1. Major telecom company- they knew from the start that I had no background in business analysis and yet they thought that my educational background would be enough. I waited for an hour to be called by the recruitment staff. When it was my turn, she told me that the interview would only take 15 minutes as there was a long queue of applicants. Now I realize that it must be the screening method. The recruitment staff was stern and snobbish at times. She was cutting me and during the middle of the interview, I felt like she was getting impatient because she was interviewing an engineering graduate with no experience on business management.

2. Sister company of a major bank- it was a panel interview. The position was Systems Analyst. I had no background on banking and I sweated a lot during the interview. The interviewers seemed elite but were accomodating.

3. Major courier company-Again, a panel interview. They had opposite personalities; one was friendly the other one was a terror. I burped when I was about to answer Mr. Terror’s question. Lol!

4. Major food company- The recruitment staff was accomodating and I loved their facilities. It was just that, I fell short of their qualifications, I didn’t get the job.

Getting a job is like entering into a relationship.
1. You look around for a prospect.
2. You try to get your prospect’s attention. In jobhunting, you send your prospective company a resume’.
3. A job interview is like a date, you try to impress your prospect by wearing presentable clothes.
4. An employment contract or a job offer is like thinking things over if the relationship would work. Either give it a try or turn it down.

What I enjoy about jobhunting is the opportunity to go to unfamiliar places, meet different kinds of jobhunters, meet different kinds of interviewers and treating myself to a luxurious dinner after the interview.