My Facebook Pictures

I’m very new to Facebook and I don’t intend to repeat the mistake that I did in Friendster; that of adding anybody for the sake of adding. Isn’t it cool to have 500+ friends or more? I would appear friendly and popular. But hey, do these people really mean to me or vice versa? Do we share the same connection or at least affiliation? Not all. Some of there are just lurkers, if not posers. I decided to make my Facebook extra personal; I will only add and search for people that I truly know. I would only add people that I share the same connection and affiliation. This is the reason why the pictures that I post in Facebook reflect my day-to-day life. It’s good to be posting pictures from a recent travel or event and I am also posting this kind of pictures on Facebook but I also want my friends to see how I look at my most normal day. I’d like them to see me without make up. I’d like them to see that I get zit sometimes. I’d like them to see how I look in the morning right after rising from sleep and at night, when I’m ready to sleep. I’d like them to see the clothes that I wear at home. I’d like them to know that I have a simple yet satisfying life. I don’t want to project that I’m somebody. I don’t want them to have the misconception that I’m living a charmed life or I’m living a very comfortable life. I’d like them to know me better based on my day-to-day activities. I’d like them to see me as me, no more and no less.