Today is my 3rd day of taking Fitrum capsule. As advertised, each capsule is high in L-Carnitine and green tea extract which promotes faster metabolism. My OB-gyne prescribed Fitrum during one of my post-natal visits. I’ve taken Fitrum in 2007, I lost 10 lbs in two months. I could have maximized its effect had I been more physically active then. I stopped taking Fitrum because of some side effects like palpitations. After four years (2011), I decided to try it again and I noticed that the formulation is much stronger than in 2007. I didn’t experience stomach pains in 2007 but now, I have stomach pains specially in the morning. I am taking the capsule 3x a day after every meal,as written on the box. Last Monday, I can hardly sleep and I think a glass of coke and Fitrum increased the caffeine level on my blood.

I am not a voracious eater but I have a less active lifestyle now. I intend to enroll in a gym or aerobics class when my time permits. For the meantime, I will take advantage of my countryside life and take a walk in the fields at 30 minutes each day. Speaking of diet, I am getting tired of oatmeal and banana. I’d like to eat a basket of apples instead.

My husband’s talent in cooking is slowly getting on my system; I tend to eat more whenever he cooks chicken adobo. I’ve stopped buying doughnuts and ice cream for dessert.

I’m giving myself two weeks to take Fitrum. If the stomach ache continues, I shall stop. =)