Galeria Victoria in Balanga City

May 2, 2018 Update:

BFP has yet to declare a total fire out on Galeria Victoria. This commercial establishment that is located at the heart of Balanga has been on fire since 9AM yesterday (May 1, 2018). Collective efforts from the different fire fighting units are ongoing with firemen helping from as far as SBFZ. My heart goes out to the employees of the mall.



Picture Reference:

I always look forward to visiting Balanga City to check for new or improved establishments. When the old arcade was demolished to give way to Galeria Victoria, I was skeptical about the idea of erecting a new building. First, the old arcade had a lot of sentimental value to me. Second, the old arcade was still functional and erecting a new building seemed capricious to me. Third, how would the architecture of the new building look like? Modern? Gothic? Traditional? Old-fashioned?

Galeria Victoria has this old-fashioned look; you thought you were walking down the streets of old Manila. I cannot comment on what’s inside the mall because I had limited time in Balanga last week. So this post is about my impression on the architecture from the outside of Galeria Victoria.

Whoever is the urban planner of Balanga City must be commended for this nice piece of art. I am interested to know the number of jobs Galeria Victoria has provided for the people of Balanga and its neighboring towns. More jobs mean more employment and more employment means a better quality of life for the people of Balanga City.