An Angel’s Cry For Justice

I received a news that a six-year old girl was found dead at a vacant house in Bright Homes, Caypombo, Sta Maria, Bulacan. The poor girl was even raped. The suspect was the father of her playmate who is their neighbor.

How can somebody in his right mind abuse and kill an innocent little girl? The suspect is believed to be high in drugs when he did the heinous crime. Drugs is dangerous to the user’s health but it is even more dangerous to the innocent people who can be the next victim of the user’s trippings. We know that drugs are dangerous. We suspect that a neighbor or a relative is a user but we are not courageous enough to do something about it. We are either afraid or we just felt that it is none of our business. We only react once a crime like this happens.

Putting that bastard to jail won’t change the fact that the little angel is dead. There’s more to it that we can do. Let’s be vigilant about abusive neighbors. Let’s be supportive against anti-drug campaign. Let’s be more protective of our kids.


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