Nene De Pamilya


I was watching this documentary last night but I didn’t have the courage to finish it.
The story about two young girls working for their family just didn’t sit well on me.
They were stolen of their youth, their time to play and enjoy the beauty of life.
They were finding a living in a place where the weak has no position.
They were busy working instead of resting in front of the television.
How can they ever find time to make their homework?
Jhonalyn and Kulot are just one of the many children who are forced to give up their childhood so as to
bring food and money for their family.
While it’s the parents’ responsibility to provide for their children, some kids take that role now especially
if one or both parents are incapable of working.

On the other hand, the practical side of me wants to commend these kids for being so brave about facing life’s
challenges at an early age. They work hard for their living instead of asking and demanding anything and everything
from the government.