Good Girl, Bad Guy

I’m addicted to reading “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
Not that I’m into BDSM; I just read it for entertainment.
In a way, I could relate to Anastasia Steele’s character: that of being attracted to the wrong guy.
Why do good girls find bad guys irresistible? What’s in them that we find very attractive?
Except for my husband, all the men that I found attractive had this kind of agressive or domineering character.
I broke up with my first boyfriend of two days simply because I was bored.
Not that I was expecting him to ask me to sleep with him but because he lacked the thrill that I was looking for in
a relationship. He was too good to be true and at 17, I found it kinda boring.

My next two relationships were like a rollercoaster ride. I experienced extreme emotions; elation and depression.
Both were long-term relationships and one may wonder how I managed to stay that long despite the
emotional roller coaster that I got into. I used to see men with strong personalities as someone who would
take care of me. I found men with controlling character attractive simply because I wanted someone to tame me.
I wanted someone to surpass my strong character.

Men see difficult (and sometimes, bitchy) women as a challenge while women find difficult men attractive.
Deep inside us women, we want our man to take the lead. In effect, it is often interchanged or confused with
a man with a controlling or domineering character that is why some women end up messing with the wrong kind of men.