Indoor Drying of Laundered Clothes

Space concerns? Can’t afford to have a clothes drier (not the spinner)?
Clothes that smell of mildew?
During the rainy seasons, one of the common problems is drying our clothes.
Lack of space, crowded hanging and improper washing and rinsing can lead to
having smelly clothes.
Use clorox (bleach) to disinfect the clothes during washing. Refer to the instructions
written on the bottle for the ratio of bleach versus the water. Put a cup of white vinegar
on your final rinse. This will remove the soap residue on your clothes that is a possible cause for bad odor.
Use a fabric conditioner if you prefer your clothes scented.
Spin dry or wrung dry your clothes.
If space is a limitation, make use of anything available like windows or chairs to hang your clothes.
As long as you have hangers, hanging of clothes should never be an issue.
Do not overcrowd your clothes, let the air come in between them.
For portable clothesline, put it on a spot somewhere near an electric fan or
a source of ventilation.
For humid weathers, close the window while allowing one source of ventilation, one
that is far from your clothes. Clothes absorb humidity and humidity delay the drying process.