Weird Dreams

from the web---tell me I'm just dreaming

from the web—tell me I’m just dreaming

Dream 1:

Two nights ago, I dreamed about an old acquaintance of mine. In that dream, we were supposed to be lovers and he was asking me why I married somebody else. Old acquaintance, Mr. X, and I never became an item though there was a little attraction that happened between us. Before that little attraction could elevate into something more serious, somebody came along the way and I forgot anything about Mr. X. In fact, we became part of the project team years later and the relationship was purely professional; we were not even talking unless it was work-related. To dream about him 12 years later is weird considering the fact that I never regarded him as one of my “prospects” during my “pre-sell-by-date” years.

Dream 2:
To dream about an old lover that I’m trying to erase from my life is even weirder. In that dream, I was back to being 17 years old but I was wearing 2013 clothes. I was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans and I was carrying some books when he happened to walk in front of me. He acknowledged my presence but he didn’t approach me or smiled at me. He was wearing all black and he was back to being 17 years old, too but he was sporting a 90’s style. On the contrary, I was wearing my current hairstyle and I was surprised to see him acting cold towards me.


The feeling was heavy and his appearance on my dream seemed so real. Do I still love him? I’m very sure that I have zero feelings for him. Is he in trouble? I don’t know. Nobody is telling me about him. What if he’s actually in trouble? What if (God forbid) he’s dying or he has died? Would I go to the funeral? Would his wife let me see him for the last time?

Drama drama. I just hope the all black attire does not mean anything negative.