Sleep is a Luxury



I’ve been dreaming of uninterrupted sleep since Friday. Lack of sleep is fastly affecting my mood and my senses. Taking care of my two young children can be very tiring and I have no ME-TIME since I had Robi last year.

I can work productively all day but when I lack sleep, my mind doesn’t seem to function well. Decision-making is postponed and even standing is such a big task! My coffee addiction did more harm than good to me when I became acidic due to too much caffeine.

I had the best siesta in my life yesterday morning when I slept from 9AM to 3PM. I was not able to do some household chores but I needed that sleep break to recharge myself from a week’s lack of sleep.

Sleep is indeed a luxury for working mothers. Between going to Palawan or Boracay for a summer treat or sleeping, I would definitely choose the latter. No amount of luxuries can match the good feeling of having enough sleep.


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