Dreaming Big and Overcoming The Obstacles

Wala akong sasagasaan sa pangarap ko!

Wala akong sasagasaan sa pangarap ko!

A kindergarten teacher asked her pupil.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The pupil replied, “I want to be a doctor.”

“Why a doctor?”

“I want to help the poor people.”

Years later, the kindergarten pupil did not become a doctor but an engineer, instead. It is a profession and a career that is very different from what she dreamed of as a kid. Nevertheless, she is happy with her work and continues to strive hard each day.

I am that kid.

I couldn’t recall what urged me to tell my teacher that I wanted to be a doctor when there was no role model that I could connect with in the first place. Maybe most of the kids want to be a doctor, anyway.

People have their own personal and professional dreams but only a handful turn their dreams into reality. Sometimes, it’s not the lack of resources that cut them off the race but rather how their attitude affects their way of thinking and their way of life.

Start your year by DREAMING. Start your quarter by DREAMING. Working on a DREAM is better than doing all those everyday stuffs that has no value in the long run.

I consider my 2013 as my awakening year; I have this paradigm shift on values, priorities, way of life and way of thinking. For the first time in my life, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I planned my 2013 with specific objective, targets and timeline. I did my SWOT (strength-weakness-opportunity-threat) analysis and I was astounded to know in which areas I was lagging and advancing.

Overcome the obstacles. If it cannot be eliminated, have it reduced.

1. Use people resource- No man is an island and I now fully understand the value of people resource. What you cannot do, you must outsource. From a cost perspective, it is cheaper to hire somebody to do the job rather than learn the job and lag behind from the target or timeline. I used to be jack of all trades until I realized that mastering a major skill or two will keep me more value-adding than trying to juggle it all.

2. Monitor your net worth- Most of us would rather react than act on a situation especially if it concerns our financials. The less cash on hand and cash in bank you have, the more you need to keep an eye on your cash flow. Incoming cash must always be greater than outgoing cash. Else, you would end up hard up and financial independence plays a BIG role in attaining one’s dreams.

3. Ignore the people who treat you like shit- In the corporate (dog-eat-dog) world, it’s not unusual to run into some sort of a walking tupperware or a gossip monger. Keep your relationship with your colleagues on the professional level. My big mistake in my first job was to be very open about my personal life; it made me vulnerable to gossips and fake friends. I enjoy my privacy better in my current job and I don’t share my personal life with just any person. Avoid the credit-grabbers, too. You wouldn’t get too far in your current position if all your hard work are being credited to some suckers.

4. Lack of confidence kills- Believe in yourself. Nobody would appreciate you in the first place unless you believe first in yourself.

5. Burn out is depressing- A balanced work life with enough sleep everyday is like working with a fully charged energy.

Remember, dreaming is like looking at an objective in a fantasy world but working out to attain that dream keeps us grounded to reality.

You, what is your dream and how are you working on it?