So Near Yet So Far

The news about you broke my heart, little angels.

The news about you broke my heart, little angels.


I wrote about the possibility of child snatching when the two young boys in Taguig went missing in April 2, 2013. It broke my heart to know that James Naraga and Dayne Buenaflor were finally found yesterday but were in advanced stage of decomposition. An autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of death of the two young boys.

The parking lot for flood-damaged vehicle is situated near the barangay hall. I don’t think that any sane organ-for-sale syndicate will return to where they got their victims to dump their dead bodies. They would have dumped them somewhere else.

These kids went missing after playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids. They should ask how many of them were playing at that time because nobody seemed to bring out the idea that their playmates were probably trapped in the area. Well, it will also depend upon the age of the playmates. Five year olds can provide comprehensive answers than four year olds and below. I am thinking of the possibility that Dayne and James were probably in the company of a five-year old kid when they played hide and seek. The five-year old opened the car and the three of them hid inside. The five-year old left James and Dayne and since they were young kids and probably unaware of how to open the car to exit, they were trapped.

The frantic parents were occupied with the abduction theory so they did not pay close attention to find them on the near-by areas. What a way to die of hunger and dehydration!

This news makes me more paranoid about the safety of my kids. Sometimes, we are forced by circumstances to be carefree about child care. For instance, a child falls from the stairs when the mother prepares his food, a child drowns in the tub when the father gets the shampoo, a child got lost in the market when the mother gets the wallet in her bag—these unintentional actions can cause a tragedy and therefore, must be prevented.

As a parent, do not trust the environment, do not entrust your kids to the care of other people if they are not competent of trustworthy, do not leave your kids alone, do not leave your young kids with other kids, open your eyes and mind to the possible dangers so that you can prevent it and probably react well should the worst thing happens.