Claudia Zobel: 29 Years Later

The late Claudia Zobel

The late Claudia Zobel


I was trying to catch a sleep last night when 24 Oras showed the remains of the 80’s bold star, Claudia Zobel who died in a car accident in 1984. Seeing her lying on her coffin with grayish skin was enough to keep me awake just when I badly needed to get some sleep.

She was 18 years old when she died; too young for someone who could have been the next important actress of her generation. She would have been 47 years old this year if she survived. Her youth was sealed in her mummified face, her niblings would at least have an idea of how their aunt looked like when she was young–yes, there in the “flesh.”

I was expecting some sort of media and occult frenzy but from the looks of it, Claudia’s family would proceed with their father’s burial on the same grave that she occupied. At least her family is not publicity hungry and they would rather let her rest in eternal peace than take advantage of the situation.