Balanga Floods

(Photo courtesy of FB) I don't have a Venetian dream.=p

(Photo courtesy of FB)
I don’t have a Venetian dream.=p

I received a text message from my father on Monday morning to tell me that once again, rainwater caused flooding in Balanga. Surprised, I confirmed if he meant the most recent flooding in August. I had never experienced frequent flooding in Balanga so a text message like this needed verification. A once-a-year flooding is normal there especially when the typhoon strikes but monsoon rains do not usually cause flooding there; there’s got to be some logical reasons behind the frequent floodings in Balanga, or maybe in most areas in Bataan.
Oh, floods, it was our way of life back in the 90’s! I am no stranger to small floods because our area is the catch basin of Balanga. Back then, classes were not suspended because as I mentioned, it was just a small flooding. Monsoon rains were not so destructive unlike these days.

According to the SMA (Systematic Managerial Analysis) principle, if something goes wrong in a product or process, find the drastic change that is implemented to check if it is the root cause of the problem. Government officials must sit down and brainstorm with a consultant about the possible root causes of the flood problem there. A third party who is not affiliated with any government or non-government organizations will better provide an unbiased analysis of the problem.

The people of Balanga and the rest of Bataan should not accept flooding as a way of life. The loss of life, belongings and even productivity are enough justifications for everyone to demand for improvement.