A Change of Style, Perhaps?

Oh, this link (http://www.zeibiz.com/2013/11/arnold-clavio-rude-interview-atty-alfredo-villamor-video/) reminds me of rude interviewers that I came across in the past. Good thing, the interview was just done in the privacy of the interviewer’s cubicle where nobody could see or witness how I cringed in disbelief that even professionals could be so unwelcoming and rude!

Arnold Clavio just hit the fan with his sarcastic and rude interview with one of Janet Lim Napoles’ lawyers. No, I have no sympathy for Janet and the rest of those involved in the PDAF scam but I feel for Atty. Villamor in the way that the interview was mishandled by Arnold Clavio.

In the first place, it was a case of mistakingly asking a lawyer who’s handling another case (serious illegal detention). Arnold, in his best effort, probably tried to squeeze info about the PDAF case but failed big time because the lawyer wouldn’t speak about a case that he does not handle. This probably triggered Arnold’s rude remarks towards the “tatawa-tawang” lawyer.

If Arnold thinks that he can get away with his “pa-astig” style just because the majority of us hate Janet Napoles, well, the viewers are intelligent to discern what is respectful from what is rude. Arnold, you are a respected public figure. You should at least act like one to continue to earn the trust and viewership of the people supporting the station that you are working for.


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