Taxi Spray Modus Operandi

I am now convinced that what happened to me in the summer of 2011 was not a product of my imagination. I nearly fell victim to a chemical spray had I did not follow my instincts that something was wrong in me.

It was just one of those rush hours when I chanced upon a white taxi at PWU, Edsa. I asked him to drive me to Roces Avenue through Panay Avenue because that was the route that I was most familiar with. It was supposed to be a 10-minute drive including the minor traffic at that time. When we were nearing the crossing at Quezon Avenue, I felt like I was choking. My throat suddenly went dry and I could feel that I would faint anytime. I looked at the stocky and bald driver who must be in his 40’s and he seemed relaxed. I tried to open the window but it was not working so when the stoplight turned red, I tried to step out. I realized it would be risky to step out of a cab in a busy road so I pretended to be suffering from diarrhea.

With my remaining strength, I told the taxi driver to stop at the 7-11 store because my stomach was aching so bad, I needed to get to the restroom. He panicked at the thought of me messing up his taxi so he obliged. LOL!

Inside the 7-11, I listed down the plate number and asked myself several times if I saved myself from a misfortune. Except for my former boss, most of the people that I shared my story found it hard to believe it because at that time, a taxi chemical spray modus operandi was not yet in the open.

If we foresee or feel that something bad will happen to us, by all means, follow our intuition. That is God’s way of telling us to save ourselves from bad people and unfortunate events.