Justice for Jeffrey Laude! (No To Violence)


The killing of a 26-year old transgender in a lodge in Olongapo City affected me. If the motive was correct, the suspect, a US marine, felt duped when he discovered that the “girl” that he took to the lodge was a male disguised as a female. Nevertheless, I don’t think that that is enough reason to kill somebody. There’s just too much hate in this person to be able to kill!

The location of the said lodge is in the middle of a busy street. I’ve been to that lodge once when I accompanied a visiting friend to look for a place to stay in Olongapo. The room was not sound-proof so murder by strangulation was most fit. Almost a decade ago, there were no CCTV’s on the vicinity of the said lodge. I hope that they have CCTV’s now for a more accurate identification of the suspect.

Jeffrey Laude did not deserve what happened to him. He might have gone a little naughty for disguising his true sexuality but he did not deserve such violence and death. The suspect could have left him unharmed but he chose the violent way to “teach” him a lesson that he would never learn.

Violence in any form should NOT be tolerated. Being murdered because of one’s sexual orientation MUST never be justified!

Justice for Jeffrey Laude!

Justice for all victims of crime and violence!