Work Heartbreak and Moving On

I'm free!

I’m free!

I heard that the current management is going to revive the programs that my team used to spearhead some years back. It’s still unclear who will be in-charge to facilitate the re-launching but some units are now silently making moves for the ownership of it. Frankly, I am not anticipating to be involved in the re-launching. I’ve long moved on from the pain of losing the programs that me and my team enjoyed facilitating. In addition, the rapport that I had with my ex-teammates was just great; maybe that level of commitment and participation could never be duplicated. Things happen for a reason and I realize that I will never achieve this level of thinking if I get stuck in my old mindset about career, work-life and finances. It’s time for other people to shine, isn’t it? I would be very glad to be of help if they need my assistance though.

Yes, I’ve moved on from that heartbreak 4 and a half years ago. I am no longer defensive and I no longer question the intention of people who question the achievements of our program. In the end, what matters most are the lessons that I learned, the friendships that I made and the trust that was given to me and my team.

Good vibes! 🙂