Speculations On The Tania Camille Dee Murder Case

I am trying to look for updates regarding the murder (or is it parricide?) of bank teller Tania Camille Dee but it seems like there’s nothing new about the investigation that is why there are no fresh news about her.

The suspects are her ex-husband and his current live-in girlfriend, both are said to belong from affluent families. In the Enzo Pastor case, it’s easy to pinpoint his wife’s motive to let somebody gun him down because Dalia is the one who’s having an affair but in Tania Camille Dee’s case, it is the husband who’s living in with another woman.

The other motives could be:

1. Custody issue but it doesn’t look right because the ex-husband gave the liberty of raising their kids to Tania.

2. Insurance- the news said that the ex-husband’s family is well-off so money is probably not the motive in here.

3. New bf- jealousy? The news did not mention anything about Tania having a new boyfriend.

Whatever the motive is, the life of a young working mother ended in a tragic way. The biggest loser here are their kids if their father killed their mother, then their father could go to jail.

I hope that the kids are fine and are surrounded by loving family members in this time of grief.

Justice for Tania.