Finding Earl

My fascination with missing children story started with the Madeleine Mccann case. My feelings are not out of entertainment but rather of empathy. I feel for the Mccanns and the Needhams and I sincerely wish that Madeleine and Ben would someday be back to their families.

In 1997, 2-year old Earl Dollente was kidnapped while picking flowers for Mrs. Laurie Dollente. The Dollente family tried their best to find Earl but all efforts were fruitless. Almost 19 years later, Mrs. Laurie Dollente resorted to social media to find her missing son. She is suffering from stage 4-lung cancer so you can just imagine how battered this wonderful mother is physically and emotionally.

A certain Armstrong Miggy posted his gut feeling that he could be the missing boy when he watched Mrs. Laurie Dollente on “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.” Netizens gave their support and wished with him that this story would have a favourable and happy ending.

Just when the excitement of the netizens are at its peak, Armstrong Miggy deactivated his Facebook account. It is understandable because of privacy and security reasons. He is probably in touch with the Dollentes for verification like the DNA test and he would like some privacy until the result is released.

Personally, I wish that this story would have a happy ending. Mrs. Laurie Dollente has suffered a lot along with Mr. Ernest Dollente and their daughter Patty. Whatever is the result, I pray that all of them will accept it.

Update as of November 17, 2016:

I am sorry to say that Armstrong Miggy is a fraud! How could Melvin Maniacop aka. Armstrong Miggy afford to create a lie as big as that? Mrs. Dollente is sick and the whole family is affected and then there is this psychotic who did more harm than good by fabricating lies and manipulating feelings.

Update as of September 16, 2018:

Mrs. Laurie Dollente passed away (not sure if it’s September 14 or 15) after two years of battling cancer. I am heartbroken for her family and Earl, too. I still hope that he would find his way home soon. Mrs. Dollente gave her best fight; let us continue to pray and search for her missing son.