What I learned from Triaba

I registered to Triaba Philippines one August night for the purpose of checking whether survey websites are worth our time and attention. Here’s the tempting offer from Triaba, if your profile matches with the population that they require for in their survey questionnaire, then you will even be paid for every survey that you will answer. Pay ranges from PhP 20.00 to PhP90.00.

But first, you need to register on their website and check all applicable descriptions about you so that Triaba can better filter out who is in for their survey. By the way, I read that Triaba is a survey provider for some big companies out there so they are being paid by these companies to do the surveying for them.

I did a screenshot of how the survey looks like. The second to the last picture in which I selected ALL the industries that I am familiar with resulted to me not being qualified for the survey? Like, I would have understood if I only selected two industries because the ones that I did not ticked might be where the survey must proceed so what made me disqualified for the survey then?

The third attempt to answer a Triaba survey would be my last. I decided that Triaba is a waste of my time and data usage so I unregistered from their site. I learned that online surveys do not really work as expected. While I believe that there are some people who successfully completed the survey and got their payment, this does not work for everybody especially the ones who are looking forward to the payment.




Triaba will send you a survey invitation on the email that you linked with your Triaba account. You have the option to decline the survey invitation.


This is how the email looks like. If you successfully completed the survey, your account will earn PhP21.00.



For some weird reasons, the PhP21.00 increased to PhP70.00 should you successfully completed the survey! As I said, I put my profile on the registration so the matching of what they need and how I am qualified is electronically matched.


I selected all the activities for a better chance of “passing.” Take note that at this point, we still don’t know which of the activities are being surveyed on.


I chose my preferred language for the survey. How I wish I tried Filipino-Tagalog before I unregistered!


At this point, we don’t know yet their preferred location. I chose Manila because it is the nearest city from where I live.


I selected all of the industries that I am familiar with.


Only to get this message that I am not qualified????