The Killer Bride-Juan Felipe

Note: Don’t take me seriously. I am just a fan. Lol!

Long before the love story story of Vito dela Cuesta and Camila dela Torre happened, the warring families of equal wealth and connection were disgusted with each other’s presence. Belinda dela Torre’s rape and murder by one of dela Cuesta’s sons put an end to a possible reconciliation between the two powerful clans. The story after her death is never discussed and no known retaliation from the dela Torreses seems to occur.

If we see a young Belinda, perhaps in her twenties, then we could assume that Jacobo was in his late twenties when her tragedy happened. Therefore, the timeline from her tragedy up to Vito and Camila’s love story is a 50-year animosity between the two families.

Vito and Camila’s love story is likened to that of Romeo and Juliet; except that the latter’s life and death is more complicated. There are questions that keep the viewers asking like:

  1. What was Renato dela Torre’s life when he joined the rebel group?
  2. Who set fire on the rebel groups in San Lucas de Oro?
  3. Who framed up Camila dela Torre?
  4. Who was the man with a pair of horseshoe tattoo?
  5. Who killed Camila dela Torre?
  6. What happened to baby Vida dela Cuesta?

Renato dela Cuesta was the firstborn of Don Jacobo and Dona Guada. Being his father’s favorite, he was expected to inherit his father’s businesses and continue the legacy of the dela Torre clan. (Take note that between the two families, the dela Torres seem to be the more forgiving one as compared with the dela Cuestas. Proof of this is the absence of retaliation when Belinda was raped and killed by a dela Cuesta.) Renato, for some undivulged reasons yet, decided to join the rebels at the San Lucas De Oro, met a girl there and started a family. Don Jacobo, out of his great frustration, disowned Renato and let him live his life at the mountains. His absence and elimination from the line up of heirs put an advantage to his power-hungry brother, Luciano dela Torre. But Renato’s life was cut short when somebody burned the village where the rebels lived.

Assuming that Renato joined the rebels at age 25 and died at age 30, then Camila would have been 5 years old when her grandparents took her in. Luciano is probably 5 years younger and that made him 25 years old in 1999, then followed by Juan Felipe at age 20. The age gap between Tatiana and Camila is only 3 years as compared to the supposed 12 years age gap between Juan Felipe and Tatiana so it’s possible that Tatiana’s disgust over her niece is like a sibling rivalry than political or economical.

Questions 3-6 will focus on the possible mastermind.

At this point, I do not believe that Luciano dela Torre had something to do with Renato’s death, Camila’s frame up and Camila’s death. I intend to put a finger to goody two shoes uncle Juan Felipe.

Juan Felipe, the 3rd son, seems to have that middle child syndrome. An achiever at an early age, he seems to be what every parent should be proud of in a child. But he could also be the least favorite child that is why he keeps on trying to be the best. We know Luciano is not as sharp as Renato or Juan Felipe and his only saving grace is his guts. Juan Felipe is a classic example of silent water runs deep. His actions are calculated; his stares are even colder than that of Luciano. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who instructed to raid the rebels and burn the village for the purpose of eliminating Renato. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who brought young Camila to the dela Torre mansion to divert suspicion about his involvement.

With Renato down, his eyes are now fixated on eliminating Luciano but somehow, he realized that Luciano’s agressiveness could work for him. What he failed to anticipate was the growing Camila had her father’s intellect and it would only be a matter of time before she becomes the successor of their family business.

His disapproval of the Vito-Camila love affair was not out of concern but out of creating a picture of a hard-headed granddaughter that Don Jacobo loved above all his remaining children. My suspicion is that, it was Juan Felipe who collaborated with Javier dela Cuesta in trying to liquidate Camila. Someone would ask, why would a guy as sweet as Javier lay a finger on the woman who is about to get married to his only brother Vito? I think that a typical dela Cuesta has this temper when it involves the person they love. Remember the church compound scene when Vito punched the man in the stomach because he said something bad about Camila? Yes, Javier was there to kill Camila but Juan Felipe was wise enough to ask one of his men to frame up Camila.

Why the horseshoe tattoo? I think it has something to do with a gang and it’s not only one man in Las Espadas who have it. When Alice tried to unbutton Juan Felipe’s shirt for a photoshoot, the latter was pissed off to Alice’s dismay. Is he hiding something beneath those shirt?

What I love about this show is having two underrated actors “manipulate” the viewers. Viewers hate them and it’s a sign that they are effective. Cris Villanueva used to live in Kristina Paner’s shadow because of their loveteam. In his late 20’s, his on-again off-again relationship with Criselda Volks was more talked about than his talent. But now, in his 40’s, Cris managed to find his niche and never have I admired him as an actor than now. He was good in “Halik” and he keeps getting better in “Killer Bride.”

I don’t have much memory of James Blanco except that soap commercial ages ago. In reality, these two dela Torre brothers have a 10 year-age gap.


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