The Killer Bride- Who Are You, Emma Bonaobra?

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN.

Now that it is revealed that Camila dela Torre is still alive, we now focus on the very cunning Emma Bonaobra.

I am actually torn between believing that she is Vida dela Cuesta (Camila and Vito’s daughter who is supposed to be one of the casualties of the arson at the jailhouse where Camila was incarcerated) versus believing that she is just one hell of a good con woman.

A. Emma Bonaobra is Vida dela Cuesta

Who would have much loyalty to a vengeful person (Camila) other than the one who is also the direct recipient of such injustice (Vida)? Who would have trusted a stranger (Emma) and ask her to carry on a complicated task if she isn’t her daughter? Mother and daughter have an axe to grind against their family. The only question is, who helped them get out of prison to start a new life elsewhere? Sharon and her visitor’s glances on the scene when Vito visited Camila is not probably meaningless. I don’t believe that Sharon’s visitor is her husband; otherwise, she could have given earlier the custody of her infant and prevented her infant’s untimely death. That man is probably someone’s errand boy and person is probably influential and rich. If Sharon was a drug pusher, I guess that it was a drug lord who helped her out of jail by asking someone to burn the jailhouse and let her escape. At least we have suspect number 2 about the mastermind in the arson. Suspect number 1 is Juan Felipe, Camila’s uncle.

Update: Sharon’s visitor is Fabio, her brother. He works for a casino money lending syndicate, not a drug lord. And no, the mafia has nothing to do with the burning of the jailhouse.

B. Emma Bonaobra is Ms. X

We don’t know if she really is Emma Bonaobra or it’s a case of identity theft. Imagine stealing someone’s name and pretending to be possesed by a vengeful spirit? That Emma Bonaobra could be the female version of Frank Abagnale Jr! Luciano and Elias are right after all! She is a fake and she’s a damn good con woman! I can’t see any other motive why Emma collaborates with Camila other than getting money from it.

Memories, be it a good memory or a bad one, will affect our judgment if we won’t practice critical thinking. I think this is one of the hidden message of The Killer Bride, that is, to never trust an event if it is not scientifically or even objectively analysed. Tsoknut’s bonfire scene with her friends gives us a picture of a person who believes another person’s story (Emma’s) without verifying the truth about it. Whatever Emma says, she believes because Emma said so. Tsoknut believes in the killer bride story so she is easy to manipulate. Manay Ichu is easy to manipulate, too because she’s still living in Camila’s memories. Vito is easy to manipulate because he still loves Camila. Dona Guada is easy to manipulate because of her past guilt. Elias is the most objective of the characters because he does not believe the ghost story but his heart will most likely betray him as he has this particular fondness of Emma.