Lazada and Shopee

I was never a fan of online buying not until the pandemic happened. I have always practiced the “to see is to believe” before I decide if the item is good or not. Some of the items that I bought online were good, and some were just a waste of money.

As a consequence, I am giving these tips to newbie buyers for their guide.
The most popular online selling platforms in the Philippines are Lazada, Shopee, and Facebook. You need to register to be able to access these platforms. Lazada and Shopee offer a wide range of products from toys to carpentry tools; imagine yourself walking through a virtual department store.

Avoid impulsive buying. Do a little research about price competitiveness, product review of those who have bought it, and most importantly, the product specifications like its dimension, color, limitation, quantity, and quality. While trying to tone down your impulsiveness, you can make use of the “add to cart” function before deciding whether to remove or check out the item.

For each item, there are more than two sellers to choose from. Instead of relying on the star rating, read the content of the customer’s review. New sellers do not have a product review yet and trying them could be risky unless you are familiar with the product and you will buy it through COD (cash on delivery). Aside from the product review, check out the product packaging and delivery review, too. Sellers make use of bubble wrap to protect the product.
Some buyers are swayed into buying products that are much cheaper than the ones being sold at the mall. Check the product dimension because you might end up buying just a miniature. Sellers tend to post the best-looking pictures that is why meticulous buyers end up being disappointed when there is a big disparity between the advertisement and the product on hand.

In the case of defective products, there is a 7 days return policy that is free of charge. It’s a hassle for busy people like me that is why buyers need to be careful in online buying. I am not sure if I would still be into online buying after the pandemic. Personally, I want to see and feel the product first before buying it.